Meet the Team

Kyra Huxel

Founder / Coach

After spending over a decade of ballet training with some of the country’s most elite programs, Kyra hung up her pointe shoes and jumped on a plane to Southeast Asia at 16 years old. From boxing on the beaches in Thailand to climbing the great wall, she discovered her love of travel, exploration and making new connections. Finding her way back to the States, Kyra landed in Jersey City, where she explored several careers before finding her passion for Real Estate. Six exciting years later, she found herself more and more enthralled with the world of fitness and, more specifically, her weekly Lagree Megaformer® classes. Kyra made the leap of faith to join the Lagree community of trainers, and soon joined a prominent Megaformer studio in the Metropolitan Area where she honed her skills and zeal for the Lagree Method. While her passion developed from the workout, teaching, and living, the Method became her own personal therapy. Now, her love of Jersey City and fitness come full circle to bringing the Lagree Method to the area. The innovation and evolution of the Lagree equipment has fueled her passion and has now become the soil to grow MEGA JC.


As a boutique fitness fiend, I am a lover of all things health and wellness but firmly believe a workout will always be more than the calories burned, or the weight lifted… It’s about experiencing something together, finding life balance through movement, pushing boundaries, and more importantly… having fun. MEGA is a place to feel welcome, challenged, immersed, and fully committed to yourself.

Alicia Cosbert


A native of NYC, Alicia found her passion for health and fitness at the end of college and knew her long-term goal was to be in the fitness industry.

Alicia relocated to London, where she discovered the Lagree Method in 2015, when London’s first ever Lagree studio opened. She instantly fell in love and quickly traded in high impact CrossFit for the rewarding, challenging, muscle shaking, low impact workout that is Lagree. Alicia knew instantly that it was the method she wanted to teach. The following year, she became qualified, and the rest was history.  

Having traveled extensively, Alicia has visited many Lagree studios around the world, giving her insight into varied teaching styles and nuances to the method. Her passion for Lagree and the machine, coupled with attentive absorption of the evolving method, has enabled her to hone her craft while contributing to the growing Lagree community.  

Why Mega?

The community, the love, the brand, the ethos, the dedication the studio and its clients possess are unmatched! Alicia is a firm believer in teaching the Lagree method as it was intended and loves that the studio does not deviate and remains authentic to the method!  

Cara Andreoli


A native of Boston MA, Cara Andreoli is pumped to join the Mega JC team. Cara is NASM certified, SPIN certified, and brings over 7 years of teaching and coaching in the Lagree method and running. This makes Cara a perfect match to the Mega-Stride™ offering of Mega JC. The only thing harder than the trap beats in Cara's class, is the effort you'll be inspired to give.

Why Mega?

The vibe is immaculate. Mega is what fitness is supposed to be - intense, fun, and a community. Mega offers the opportunity to challenge your body and mind to achieve ultimate strength and continuous progress. Most importantly, you'll never be bored. We know how to have fun, and we can't wait for you to join the party.


Are you Lagree Certified and Mega obsessed? We are expanding our team CLICK HERE for more information.

Stay tuned for Lagree Level 1 Trainer Certifications hosted by MEGA JC coming 2022.